Brat Regrets Missed Opportunity


San Francisco, Utah

For self-described brat and “power masochist” Brinda Hoss, 22, the past weekend represented an all-time low and what she describe as the “perfect missed opportunity.”

According to Hoss, a little after 2 a.m. she was approached by a local dominant for a play session.  After a few minutes of discussion Hoss decline the offer to play, citing her tiredness and need to get home and go to bed.

At this point, the dominant in question told her she was not a “real submissive.”

It wasn’t until several hours later that Hoss came up with the “perfect comeback,” but by that time she was home and in bed.

“It’s just so frustrating,” Hoss said, “to have the perfect line.  It was both humiliating and bratty.  It would have really made my point.  I just wish I had been quicker on my feet.”

When asked about the line, Hoss told The Daily Flogger, she’d “prefer not to say” as she is still planning to use it.

Members of the local dungeon are on high alert, hoping to be there when the retort is unleashed.

“She’s got a sharp tongue and can be a real smart ass,” Mistress Christina said.  “But I get to punish her when she acts out, so it kinda works for both of us.”

Others claim that Hoss’s comebacks are often juvenile and mean-spirited.

Jack King, a 45 year old Dominant says that while occasionally Hoss has a “real zinger,” for the most part she is “just like every other brat in the dungeon.”

When told about King’s comments, Hoss retorted, “He said that?  Really? Motherfucker.”

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