After Scene Interruption Dominant Men “Hug it Out”



When Master Freddy Crews, 45, stepped too far back into Whipmaster Phil Voss’s playspace you could feel the tension in the room.

Voss, who was in the middle of an intense whip scene found himself interrupted mid-throw, forced to stop his scene and move out of Crews’ way.

Crews, known as a “vicious sadist, but all around nice guy,” stepped back and apologized, while onlookers grew concerned about a possible altercation between the two men.

There was an audible sigh of relief as Voss lowered his whip and embraced Crews telling him “No problem brother, shit happens.”

The two men embraced, shared a laugh and returned to their scenes.

“It was beautiful,” said onlooker Greta Noor, a 28 year old submissive, “They are both just really good guys.”

After the scene, Crews told The Daily Flogger, “that’s just how it is. You apologize and hug it out and then you are all good.”

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk CC: NC

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