Award Banquet Success Measured by Number of Clean Plates



A group calling themselves the Super Great Champions of Kink held an awards banquet honoring members of the local community.  Given the poor attendance, the group’s organizers created a new metric to evaluate the event’s success.

“Well we didn’t have a lot of people,” said organizer Juan Mingo, 52, “but the people that did show up sure could pack the food away.”

As a result, the Super Great Champions of Kink decided they would measure the success if the night based on how many people “completely cleaned their plates.”  Dominants encouraged their to “make complete pigs of themselves” and even engaged in some “forced feeding” scenes, according to attendees.

By the new metric, according to Mingo, the event was a “huge success.”  Mingo told The Daily Flogger, “It was a huge success.  Everyone had a great time.  It was a huge success.”

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