Daddy Dom Arrested for Tax Fraud


Fairfax, Kansas

Marvin H, Duma, better known in the BDSM community as “Big Daddy Dom” or “BDD,” has been arrested on charges of tax fraud after listing six of his play partners as “dependents” on his 2020 tax returns.

Duma listed the women’s ages as “littles” ranging from the ages of 4 to 14, instead of their actual adult ages, which range from 32 to 54.

“They are always telling me that their littles are their true selves and that their adult lives are just a mask they wear to the outside world.  So my taxes were really just about authenticity,” Duma claims.

“They really do depend on me for emotional support and occasional corrective spankings,” Duma told the court, “so I consider them dependents.”

The judge in the case rejected Duma’s defense and has sentenced him to 7 years in prison.

The women, also under investigation, filed as dependents themselves, causing concern.

Shelly Schmidt, herself a 48 year old tax attorney said she tried to warn Duma, but found it too difficult.  “I tried a few times to explain he could go to jail for this, but all that came out was ‘You go get the bad tax man, Daddy!’ which he somehow construed as legal advice.”

Schmidt, for her part, isn’t terribly worried. “I actually had no income for 2020.  I shift all my salary to a tax deferred bonus through my S corp which will allow me to start drawing an annuity in 2025.”

None of the others expressed much concern, including Kelly Davis, a 38 year old bank teller who identifies as a 14-year old “middle.”  She told investigators “She didn’t ask them to build their stupid roads and bridges and stuff and doesn’t think she should have to pay for it.”  She also added that “she doesn’t use their dumb stuff anyway” and that “the whole thing is just really stupid and she is already so over it.”

The women all sent hand drawn cards to the warden where Duma will be serving his sentence for fraud.

Initially impressed, Warden Steve Thorndyke, had a change of heart when he learned the women’s true ages.  “At that point,” Warden Thorndyke added, “it just felt creepy and manipulative.”

Tracy Harken, one of Duma’s “littles” told The Daily Flogger, that “they better not hurt our Daddy, we wub him soooo much,” spreading her arms wide, adding “like this much.  And dat is a whole lot.”

Even from his jail cell, Duma stands by his decision.  “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my littles.  Even if it means going to jail.”


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