Dancing with Doms Cancelled After One Episode



After just a single episode, A&E has elected to cancel their latest reality competition Dancing with Doms. The show was set to pair BDSM Dominant and submissive couples in head to head dance competitions.

Problems began to arise immediately when all 8 male dominants mistook the command “kneel bitch” for a form of dancing.

Sir Dis Tick, 45, explained that “slave positions are kinda like dancing. We thought we would be able to just get away with that. So I guess we were wrong.”

Each of the other masters in question were unable to come up with something more creative than forcing their slaves to kneel.

“We underestimated their creativity,” showrunner Maggie Outse, 29, said. “It was a mistake to write off the Goreans. At least they do slave dances.”

“I guess I am not much of a dancer,” Master Geo explained, “I mean I am in terrible shape and I can barely swing a flogger. Why I thought I could dance, I have no idea.”

The women, in general, expressed disappointment. “I love to dance,” Shield Grimes, 19, told The Daily Flogger, “but Master is a little awkward when it comes to moving his body. I usually end up dancing alone, but apparently that isn’t allowed here.”

Producers are looking to recast the show to try again next season, claiming they learned their lesson.

“We asked this guys if they could dance and they all swore they could. In fact they all talked about how good they were at it. The bragging and bravado had us all convinced. Next time, we’ll actually make them dance for the audition.”

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