Doctor Accused of “Non Consensual Needle Play”



A Maryland doctor is under investigation by the BDSM community for engaging in what Margaret Holmes, 22, called a “violation of consent” and a scene without “proper negotiation.”

Holmes was at Dr. Morris Goldfarb’s office for a routine flu shot.  What Holmes wasn’t prepared for was Goldfarb’s injection of the flu vaccine.

“I know a lot about the community and BDSM.  I have been doing it for 2 months now and when he pulled out that needle and tried to stick it in me, I knew that wasn’t right,” Holmes told The Daily Flogger.

“She went berserk and started screaming ‘red’ ‘red’ ‘red.’  I had no idea what that meant or what she was talking about,” Goldfarb recounted, “I’ve given more than 100 of these shots in the past month and have never had an experience like this.”

“He used big words like ‘inoculation’ and ‘vaccination’ to try to confuse me.  Typical male dom,” Holmes complained, “they try to mislead you into a scene and then take advantage of you.  Well, I am too smart for that.”

Goldfarb, who is mostly just confused by Holmes’ allegation, said an inquiry board has been formed and he is sure he will be cleared of any wrong doing.

“I’ve been practicing medicine for more than 50 years.  Maybe it is time to retire.  I don’t really understand the younger generation anymore.  It’s a shame, because I still feel I have a lot to offer,” said the 76 year old physician.

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