Dom Bias Runs Rampant Worldwide, IDOC Report Finds

Geneva, Alabama
The IDOC (International Dungeon Organizing Committee) released a massive report on Tuesday regarding unconscious bias toward “doms” across the BDSM community worldwide. Since 2019, “dom bias” incidents have increased more than 600% across all BDSM communities, regardless of location, worldwide.
The alarming news was reported in one of six, twelve volume annual reports put out by the Geneva-based international association entitled Trends In Unconscious┬áBias in Power Dynamic Interpersonal Exchanges. A press release put out by the IDOC and the GBDSMA (Global BDSM Alliance) on Tuesday quoted Irrene Iblomovich, President of the 14,500 member IDOC. In it she stated, “We are seeing a very disturbing uptick in dom bias. This trend, which has been bubbling under the surface of the scene for decades, needs to stop.”
Many bottoms, subs, littles, slaves, and others in some form of relationship with a dominant have made many slurs toward this class of individual for years. Though hard to read, terms like “meanie” and “consent violator” and “rampant fingerer” are widespread with these groups of subservient and masochistic individuals. These slurs were tossed around casually in the 80s, 90s, and beyond, but as unconscious bias continues to infect a largely unpoliced and highly volatile community, efforts are underway by the IDOC, GBDSMA, and other groups to remove the scourge of dom bias from the kink lifestyle.
Militant pro-dom groups have popped up in recent years around the world, notably in hotspots of dom violence like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Paris, France. Other groups, like the Dom Bias Awareness League, are attempting to broaden the issue within the BDSM community. Their posters, seen all over BDSM clubs, with sayings like “Doms Need Love, Too”, “Doms Are Still Human” and “End Dom Hate” are ubiquitous in larger cities where awareness of these issues are growing.
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