DomCo Introduces “Social Distancing Whip”



DomCo has introduced its first BDSM toy in its COVID-19 series, the “Social Distance Whip.”  At a length of 12 feet it is literally impossible to use the whip without adequate social distancing.

“We were looking to create some implements that could be used in the dungeon during COVID and we thought a whip was the perfect choice,” said Devin Knowles, chief product designer for DomCo.

“It is designed to make sure no one gets anywhere near you and it still qualifies as BDSM play, even while maintaining social distancing.”

DomCo has also announced that the whip comes with a special DomCo branded mask, even though “you don’t really need to wear it.”

Kelly Quint, a 20 year old submissive said she really loves the new whip.  “Most of the whip guys are assholes, but I love getting whipped.  So it is the perfect solution.  I get to feel the sting of the whip, but I don’t have to deal with the guy wielding it.”

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