Dominant Requests “Blanket Pardon” from Local Dungeon


Kern, Kansas

Recent investigations have revealed that local Kansas Dominant, Jasper Till, 56, who is known in the local community as Master JT, requested what he is calling a “blanket pardon” for “past and potential future consent violations” from his local dungeon Sade’s Lair.

While the local dungeon has no official power to pardon such offenses, they do have a long history of what local Marjorie Kent, 35, referred to as “looking the other way” and of “doing nothing even when informed about consent violations.”

Till requested the pardon in exchange for his “decades of service and loyalty to the dungeon” citing his “world-class play style” as a major draw to the venue.

“People come to the dungeon to see me, to see me play.  I bring in a lot of patrons and I deserve some reward for that.  And now that this whole #MeToo thing is happening, I thought getting some protection was a good idea,” Till said.

Club owner, Joe Quint, 56, said that “the club doesn’t really do that kind of thing, but for JT maybe we can make an exception.  I mean, guys like JT are always going to have complaints against them, because they are popular.  So we are always going to have his back.  Bitches lie, right?”

Kent said that Till is someone that most people warn new about.  “He comes on strong and sounds like he knows what he is doing, but the minute he gets you tied up, all your negotiations go out the window.”

Till also has defenders, like fellow dominant Mr. Zaz, 52.  “Sure JT can cross some boundaries and sometimes doesn’t listen and often pressures young girls into questionable activities.  And maybe he does violate consent sometimes, but he has been around for a long time, so that has to count for something, right?”

Quint said that he receives reports of consent violations regularly, but rarely acts upon them.  “I find that most of the people claiming they had their consent violated are actually a big part of the problem.  I mean, they didn’t have the consent of the person they reported to report them, so who is really the consent violator now?”

“The girls get over having their consent violated all time,” he added, “but when you damage a guy’s reputation, that can be forever.”

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