Donald Trump Declared “Politician We’d Most Like To Beat”



In a recent poll of BDSM practitioners likely to vote in this year’s Republican primary, Donald Trump was found to be the politician that most BDSMers would either like to beat or see beaten (depending on their own proclivities).

The results had Trump as a runaway favorite outpacing all other Republicans by a 10 to 1 margin, with Rick Perry and Rick Santorum each garnering 5% of the vote respectively.  Trump received an impressive 90% of the vote and many felt compelled to write in their own suggestions for various tortures, with “sewing his mouth shut with a hungry rat inside” being the most common.

Trump’s camp did not return our calls, but it is reported that Trump himself referred to the BDSM community as “losers” and “total degenerate, mostly coming from Mexico.”

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