Even in Handcuffs Submissive Still Manages to Get Into Trouble



Kimmy Fuentes, 27, was hopeful that a new regime of handcuffs. daily spankings, and scoldings could earn her the status of “good girl” in her family.  Unfortunately, as several leather family members reported to The Daily Flogger, nothing seems to help.

“I swear, we could lock her in an empty room and she’d still find a way to make trouble,” said Master Fred Forsythe, the family’s leader and patriarch.  “She’s just a troublemaker.  We tried cuffing her, gagging her, and even putting her in a straitjacket.  Nothing helps.  She is just naughty, through and through.”

Karin Quint agreed.  “I have tried talking to her about trying to be a good girl and she manages for a little while, but then something snaps and she just can’t behave herself.”

Fuentes says that being devilish is just in her nature.

“Last night, I was blindfolded, handcuffed, and chained to the bed.  But I still managed to cover Master’s toilet bowl with Saran Wrap.  It was worth it just to hear her scream when he tries to pee and it splashed all over the bathroom.  What can I say?  It is just in my nature.”

When asked if the family might release Fuentes or kick her out of the family, the response was unanimous.  “She keeps life interesting around here,” said Master James Quick, one of the newest members of the family.  “It is a real challenge to try to keep ahead of her.  But she really keeps us all on our toes.”

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