Fetish Faux Pas: Identical Latex Hoods



Tempers flared at this week’s annual Fetish Ball when George Hanks, 32, and slave betty bruce, 41, showed up wearing exactly the same latex hood.

“Everyone went silent when they walked in,” said onlooker Marty Minks, 23.  “No one knew quite what to say.  It was obvious they hadn’t planned it and that it was going to make for a very awkward evening.”

“She knew I had the hood and was going to be wearing it,” said Hanks, who accused slave betty of “intentionally undermining him.”

“It was a huge mistake, the male said, “because I wear it better.”

Slave betty claims that she had no knowledge of what Hanks would be wearing and that she has little control over her outfits.  “I have someone who picks out my clothes for me.  I think George is just jealous because he is single.”

Neither would agree to remove the hood, making the evening tense for everyone.

Master Wayne Hall, 51, described them both as “divas” and “a little narcissistic” stating that someone should have removed the hood, since the conflict was “making things uncomfortable for everyone.”

Photo credit: Austin Appel CC: SA NC

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