Fetish Model Finds “Niche” with Bob Phillips



The road to success as a model has been a long one for Martha Quick, who goes by the professional moniker “Latexia.”  Quick, 38, has been through every genre of modeling but has finally settled on what she calls her “perfect niche.”

“I started with Elite and Ford Models in New York.  I came in for a photo shoot with them which was wonderful.  I mean it was just a couple of polaroids, with no make up.  But what a thrill!  A photo shoot with the top agencies in New York!”

Unfortunately, her success in the high fashion scene was short lived.  At only 5’4″ Quick found it hard to get noticed in the fashion world.  At that point she turned to magazine and advertising work, but also found that tough.

“I did one layout for a local burger joint.  But I had to pay them, which makes it a really hard way to make a living,” Quick said.

After moving to Los Angeles, trying her had at acting and modeling, she was “discovered” by Jimmy DeAngelo who helped her explore the world of “amateur adult video.”

“Finally I was making money.  Unfortunately, with the high cost of meth and Mr. DeAngelo charging me rent and production fees, I couldn’t save very much.”

After 3 months in a shelter, Quick decided to return home to Boise, which is where she met Bob Phillips, a local photographer.  The two teamed up and Quick says she has finally found her niche.

“I go over to Bob’s place a couple of times a month and he shoots me in his basement with his point and shoot camera.  He pays me a couple of hundred dollars and I usually give him a handjob.  He has me dress up in a lot of crazy outfits and call him Daddy.  It is all very professional.”

Quick is just happy to finally have a steady income and be a real professional model.  She is hoping to expand her local client base soon.

“I think Bob is planning to publish some of the pictures soon.  He keeps talking about them being perfect for Wanking Off which I assume is a magazine or web site.”

She has a lot of sympathy for Phillips.  “I know how hard it is to get established as a professional, so I am willing to do a little extra to help Bob make it.  His pictures are really good!”

photo credit: scorche cc

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