Financial Dominant Confesses, “We Don’t Get it Either”



During a recent Mistress Kassandra Kruel was answering a question about a common and growing fetish in the lifestyle–financial domination.

She began her answer discussing “power exchange” and the “connection between money and identity in contemporary society” as well as how powerful it is for many of her clients to surrender their money to her, freeing them of “many of the burdens symbolized by financial responsibility.”

As the audience grew restless, Kruel paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

“Listen, we Dommes don’t get it either.  Guys want to give us money.  They get off on it.  Who are we to argue?  I mean I wouldn’t just give someone money, but hey, if they want to shower me with cash and gifts, I am not going to complain.”

Mistress Sybil Cybel told The Daily Flogger that “no one in the world really understands it,” referring to the fetish of giving money to a complete stranger, especially on the internet. “But we are here to provide a service and a fantasy.  When men give us money, they get off and we get to buy things.  So we call that a win/win.  Actually it is just a win.  We don’t really care about whether they win or not.  In fact, they kind of lose, at least in a financial sense.”

Martin Kremfield, who practices the financial fetish says “It just feels good to give my money to some random woman on the internet who is probably using fake pictures on her web page who I will never meet and who is probably just doing it because she can and doesn’t really care about me.  Wait.  What the fuck am I doing?  Why would anyone do that?  Fuck, I need to rethink my whole life now.”

Kruel says she will ride the current trend as long as it lasts.  “It didn’t really cost me anything, not even my time.  I just had to open a PayPal account and put up a web page.”

The fetish brings in an estimated $3.7 billion a year.  Analysts see the trend growing with no end in sight.

Dr. Timothy Strable, of Rochester Research, say “there has been steady growth in this trend, unlike whips and floggers which have seen a marked downturn, recently being replaced by needles and rope as the top ‘flavors of the month.'”

Photo Credit: Jorge Ovin, CC: by nc

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