Latex Puppy Unites Divided Communities



Jackson “The Shepherd” McKullen, 53, has broken through a decade long divide between the “animal and critter” community and the world of latex fetishism. The two factions, at war since “the incident” at 2004’s Latex Pony Jamboree, have had little contact with one another and had obeyed a long standing unspoken rule to not cross fetish lines, in what amounted to one of the lifestyle’s longest standing fetish cold wars.

For McKullen, the decision wasn’t easy. “I hate upsetting people, but this needs to be done. We’ve lived too long in fear of each other, not wanting to step on toes. I am a latex puppy and proud of it, I won’t be silenced anymore.”

Response from both sides has been quick and not always positive.

Latex Linda, 23, a full time fetish model called McKullen’s move “stupid and selfish,” while Kevin “The Pig” Morgan simply called him “misguided. Misguided and dangerous.”

Major organizations have supported the look, hoping to reunite the divided factions. The Association of People who Sell Latex for A Living (APSLAL) called for tolerance and understanding and announced they would immediately start taking orders for pony, puppy, and pig latex outfits.

The pony play community was more reserved taking a “wait and see” attitude. The official statement read “We look forward to working with our friends who love latex to find a way to positively unite our two groups once again. There is much work to be done and many old wounds that need to be healed.”

McKullen is happy to accept his place in history as both hero and villain.

“I just want to wear latex again,” he told The Daily Flogger.

Photo credit: Franco Folini CC: SA

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