Leather Man Vows to “Make Leather Great Again”



Inspired by recent election results, Master Kip McGilicuty, 47, has started a campaign to hold rallies and to “get on the ballot for every leather contest in the country.”

McGilicuty put forward a 5 point “ agenda” which focused on blaming “straights and vanillas” for everything wrong with the community in its first point. “They’ve got to go folks. They’ve got to go,” he told a crowd of a dozen enthusiastic supporters at his first rally. “We are going to make leather great again. We’re going to do it. But they’ve got to go. I am sorry to say it, but they have to go.”

The other four points were simply restatements of the premise that we need to “make great again.”

“We are losing. Look at our leaders. They do nothing. Believe me, when I am running leather, it will be different. We will be winners, not losers. We will win at everything. will be great again, believe me.”

McGilicuty is not without detractors. Sarah Kunzwich, a 42 year old female dominant, was there to protest the speech. “What he really means is make leather gay again. That is what he really means.” Kunzwich says that too many people have worked “too hard” to allow that to happen.

“McGilicuty brings a message of hate,” she told The Daily Flogger, “and leather really needs to be about love.”

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