Little Throws Tantrum; Dom Does Chores



A Los Angeles slave announced earlier today that she was in “little space” and decided she wasn’t going to pay the bills, a job she usually performs in service to her master and house.

“I won’t, I won’t, I’wont,” she was heard screaming by neighbors.

“This isn’t the first time,” said neighbor Kevin Walsh.  “It seems to happen about once a week, any time there is any kind of responsibility, the whole neighborhood hears about it.  We call it a tantrum when a 7 year old does it, but this is a 50 year old woman.  It is just pathetic.”

Her master denied that there was a a problem, “We are in a power exchange relationship, I swear,” he told The Daily Flogger, before running off the do the bills, wash the dishes and finish up vacuuming after his slave refused to do any more housework.

“Dat’s big girl werk,” she pouted, “and I am a widdle.”

The slave retired to her room where she read a Sue Grafton novel and searched the Internet for new shoes.

“You have to respect ‘little space,'” her master explained, gesturing with his yellow rubber gloves as he did the dishes, “and sometimes that means doing a little extra around the house.”

“I will be berry sad if ewe don’t take out da garbage Daddy!” the slave called from the other room, “berry berry sad.”

The master excused himself and ran the trash to the curb.  Returning, he told The Daily Flogger, that “our Master/slave dynamic is pretty unique.  It’s all about obedience.”


photo credit: DG Jones cc


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