Local Dungeon Replaces “Enthusiastic Consent” with “Fanatical Consent”



After several high profile incidents of nonconsensual play at a local dungeon, members of the local play space “Haven” have decided that notions of “enthusiastic consent” don’t go far enough.

Missy Juniper, 19, a local submissive says she often feels forced to be enthusiastic in negotiations when in reality she is only “extremely positive” or “super interested.” She told The Daily Flogger that she often feels social pressure to be “happier about her consent that she otherwise would be.”

Fanatical consent is a new movement that requires not only the couple participating to consent, but to have at least 3 other people not involved in the scene also express their enthusiasm. As Juniper said, “that way you know it is genuine.”

“If you can be fanatic about your scene and actually convince others that you want to do it, that should really cut down on violations,” said Gerk Myerson, a 35 year old leather Master. “Consent is a community problem, so it makes sense that you should have to get the community’s consent before you do anything.”

“Of course any of those people can stop the scene at anytime if they lose their enthusiasm,” Juniper explained. “If they can’t stick with it, it means you probably weren’t fanatical enough.”

Not everyone is pleased with the new standard. Trixy Hellis says she has been playing in dungeons for more than two decades. “It used to be some guy would say ‘Hey, wanna get tied up?’ and I’d say ‘sure, why not?’ and we’d go have a scene. I guess that is old school consent. I don’t really understand this new way of thinking.”

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