Local Kinksters Puzzled by Lack of Hot Young Submissives



Local leatherfolk and kinksters alike are shocked and horrified by new allegations surfacing of non consensual violations of hot young female submissives.

It’s being reported that approximately twenty five have disappeared or been badly maimed by engaging in play with a certain “group”of local dominants.

Slipcatchee BDSM haunts and parties like “Club Transfuzion”, “Firebreath” and “The Dungeoness Crab” are buzzing with ever-worsening tales of both the severity and fate of local submissives.

LilPonyPrincess, a local stated “I was reading a report on yahoo groups just yesterday, detailing how these girls have been used in some sick ritual or sacrifice. It’s definitely the work of a local group. I mean, you have to be so careful, and then you hear about all these killings or other bad things. I’m seriously thinking about thinking about maybe not going out. I’m still going out, but I mean, I’m going to have to seriously think about it, before I go out.”

FluffyCat4U1990 had much harsher condemnation. “You know, we all know who’s to blame for this, and once they finally prove that these things actually happened, I’m going to unfriend a shitload of dominants. They will learn they can’t get away with just randomly kidnapping all the hot young subs. It’s not like it was consensual or anything. It might be weeks, or even months before I friend them again.”

Reached for comment, a local dungeon owner and party promoter who would only be identified as “Master X Extreme” simply stated, “they keep talking about twenty five victims, but it’s been going on for years. I’ve read yahoo group posts and now Facebook and Fetlife stories that would easily bring the total to over three hundred. No one wants to face the truth, whatever that may be.”

When pressed for actual names of the victims, or better yet, the perpetrators, Master X became infuriated. “That’s just typical of you all. Wanting names and details. Can’t you have some respect for these poor victims? Have you no sense of shame? I mean, it’s starting to look like you don’t believe me.”

TinyFluffyCatToy was even more adamant; ” It’s definitely the work of those guys. I’ve been in the community more than six months and have been told at least three times about them. So it must be them, whoever they are.”

Reached for comment, local Police Chief Pablo Skipoli simply said; “I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. What’s a submissive?”

Photo credit: Mick Amato

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