Los Angeles Community Establishes First “Slave Draft”



In response to a massive influx of new female slaves in the local BDSM community, Los Angeles community leaders have established the first ever “slave draft.”

Ernest Smith, 57, one of the draft’s organizers believes that the success of 50 Shades of Grey as well as more representation in the mainstream media has accounted for a ten fold increase in the number of available women.

“It is just too much work to try to get to know and seduce them all,” Smith said, “this way is much easier.  We have established a 6 week scouting period where established male doms can meet the draft eligible women and play with them unrestricted.  At that point, we have a lottery for draft positions and then a week later we hold the draft.”

Kevin McCoy has already traded his alpha slave for two first round picks this year, hoping for what he called “some younger and hotter slaves, preferably ones into needle play and who don’t bitch and moan about every little thing.”

Kristin Dirk, 19, has elected to join the draft this year.  “I am working really hard to get in shape and offer myself to as many of the men as possible.  People used to call that being slutty, now it just seems like a smart way to position yourself.  No one wants to go in the third round.”
Photo credit: Joe Abbruscato CC: by nc

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