Major Clip Site Removes “Damsel in Distress” Category


Tulsa, Maine

In the wake of a recent announcement from a major Clip site, many bondage models have been left unsure of their future.

The clip site made the announcement that due to pressure from credit card companies, they would no longer list clips in the category of “Damsel in Distress” nor would they allow the phrase to appear in any clip descriptions.

Bondage model, and Damsel in Distress enthusiast, Chelsea Chambers, told the Daily Flogger that “she had no idea what she was going to do now.”  She grew more urgent in her pleading, “Someone please help me!  I am so trapped and helpless!  Can’t someone out there please save me?”

Model Phoebe Morris, an 19 year old fellow model echoed a similar sentiment: “Please!  Please!  Someone do something before they come back!  I can’t get out of this all by myself, all I can do is squirm and struggle!”

Crystal James’ response was harder to decipher as she insisted the interview be conducted with her mouth packed with her panties and sealed with tape.  “Mmmffff, mmmmm, mffffm mmmmmmmmm,” seemed to express her displeasure with the decision.

Although it has not been confirmed, there is some speculation that long time Damsel In Distress video producer Snidely Van Doom is behind the recent changes, though he could not be reached for comment.

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