Man Offers “Synder Cut” for Flogging Scenes


Hollywood, Arizona

Master Yancy Helms, a 49 year old dominant and aspiring film maker, has started adding what we calls “Synder Cuts” to his scene negotiations.

Helms describes the scenes as “twice as long with no other discernible difference.”

The community welcomed the change as Helms, once a devoted Joss Whedon fan, stepped away from that style of play amid allegations that Whedon had badly abused stars of his shows going all the way back to his Buffy days.

“Whedon style flogging,” Helms explained, “is all about drawing attention to yourself and making loud noises and disrespecting women.”

In comparison, Helms said the new style, his so called Sndyer Cut, which pays homage to director Zac Synder is a little less noisy, but much, much longer.

“I am just excited to see what kind of narrative coherence Master can bring to our scenes,” said Slave Gwen, Helms’ longtime partner. “He really is an artist.”

“I hate to say it but our last few scenes were getting a bit self indulgent,” slave Gwen added, “but that is very Whedonesque I guess.”

Helms and Gwen will be offering scenes again once dungeons start to reopen.

“We’ve kept quiet about the style change for a while now but we have decided it is time for the world to know,” Helms announced in a tweet to his 17 followers.


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