Martin Phillips “Comes Out” as BBP



Martin Phillips has started a new fetish website devoted to celebrating people like him, Big Beautiful Photographers (BBP), a large and growing genre of men who prefer to stay behind the lens, rather than to pose in front of it.

“For too long,” Phillips told The Daily Flogger, “we’ve been judged by our work.  Are our pictures beautiful enough?  Is our lighting well done?  Over and underexposure aren’t everything.  We are people first and while we may not be perfect, its time we stop hiding behind our cameras and accept our bodies and ourselves.”

Phillips, who is overweight, weighs in at 225 pounds, standing just over 6 feet tall.

Fetish model Frosh, a 19 year old latex and bondage model said she likes Phillips’ look.  “He big and cuddly like a teddy bear.  I think big men are sexy and I am more interested in the size of his lens than in how he looks, if you know what I mean.”

Denver photog Dylan McCord disagrees.  “I work hard, going to the gym every day, watching what I eat and making sure when I am shooting a photo session I have the look and stamina that says ‘photographer’ and not ‘guy with a camera.'”

For most models, it comes down to preference.  “I am picky about who I shoot with,” model Latexia told The Daily Flogger, “I have preferences.  It’s not discrimination, it is just a matter of knowing what I want in a photographer and I am definitely most comfortable with shutterbugs who are height and weight proportional.”

Phillips, for his part, is working hard for acceptance.  “Big photographers can be beautiful too.  I think models sometimes forget that.  No one likes to be judged for their appearance”

photo credit: moriza cc

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