MIT Showcases “Submissive Sue” Robot



MIT Media Lab today revealed “ Sue,” a “personal robot” for use by shy dominants. “We continue to test psychological and cognitive uses for robotics at the domestic level,” said Brad Assum, a graduate student working on the Project Sue.

Sue kneels, bends over, splays and stands vesuvius-style and has a constant downward-cast gaze,” Assum pointed out. “Dominants can choose from a variety of AMs, or ‘address monickers’ such as ‘sir,’ ‘master,’ ‘my strength’ and proper name.”

Activated, Sue can wear any outfit and when the robot accidentally knocks over knick-knacks will immediately revert to a prone position of choice on the floor.

“The best part about Sue is her ability to withstand impact,” Assum demonstrated. “You can flog her, spank her and pinch her erectable nipples with clamps and her underlying memory foam ’tissue’ will absorb the impact much like a human. She is programmed to give a variety of escalating responses and sounds in accordance to variables of duration, intensity and other stimulii.”

Tested by Boston, MA dominant “The Crow” (not his real name) for more than ten days, the sadist had this to say about Sue: “She’s a good girl. She does what she’s told and she’s a heavy player. She recharges during aftercare and, best of all, she uses Dyson technology in her mouth. I’d pay upwards of two grand for a model like Sue.”

MIT spokepeople reported that Sue won’t be hitting the BDSM scene anytime soon. “Right now she’s a prototype for testing purposes,” said Janet Mallent and isn’t available for purchase.”

Sue still has a lot to be desired. Though her orifices may feature vacuum capabilities, her skin falls deep into what industry observers refer to as the “uncanny valley.” She also has a tendency to “top from the bottom” as she’s programmed to offer helpful suggestions like, “That one wrapped. Try again 3.3 degrees to the left!” and “You did not negotiate to strike there! Safeword initiation in three seconds!”

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