New Conference: EntitledCon: Because We Can


Havana, France

As predominately white, CIS, heterosexual men find the BDSM community becoming more diverse and focused on race and class issues, a new group DFE (Dominants for Entitlement) has announced a new scheduled for the summer.

The event, tentatively titled EntitledCon will focus on ignoring a wide range of political, cultural, and social issues, based on the organizers’ and attendees’ privilege.

Announced classes include “Can we please just stop talking about politics?” “I’ve had a hard life too” and “Why do those other people get special rights?”

The event will be held on a small, private island, accessible only by helicopter and tickets start at $5,000 per person.  The actual location is a closely guarded secret.

According to Dirk Dante, one of the organizers, “If you know the right people, you’ll get all the information you need.”


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