New Gag for “Gen Z” Submissives


Provo, Virginia

DomCo has announced the first in their line of “Gen Z” bondage products, the “Gen Z Gag,” which works not by restricting speech, but by preventing texting.

The new gag, which is worn on the hands, rather than the mouth, is designed to prevent interaction with phones and mobile devices.

“No texting, no social media,” Don Kilmont, DomCo product designer said, “so it effectively shuts them up.  These kids have almost no idea how to talk to each other, so we found mouth gags were largely useless for this generation of submissives.  But cut them off from social media and their phones and they feel very, very silenced.”

Claire Jussi, 18, described the new gag as “very effective and totally frustrating.  It really makes me feel cut off, isolated, and alone in the world.  I can’t even like anything on Instagram.  It is really humbling.”

The Gen Z Gag costs $79.99 and is knitted from yarn and available in a wide range of colors.

Master Tim Kroop, 18, said he “likes the control it gives him,” though he isn’t really sure how to interact with his when they “can’t text back.”

“It is a real double edged sword,” Kroop said.  “All of our interaction is by text, so it is hard to know if they even see my commands because they can’t even send me an emoji back.  I really like getting that thumbs up or maybe an eggplant and water spraying.  It adds a whole new layer to our relationship.  It makes it much deeper.  More connected.  I’m all about the connection.”

Kilmont says they are working on a way to acknowledge commands without allowing additional communication.  “They also keep your hands warm if it is cold out,” he added, “a lot of people like that.”

Some of the old school members of the community are more skeptical.

Helen Hinks, a 43 year old dominant finds it confusing.  “I just don’t get it.  Why not just take away her phone?  Seems really stupid.  Plus I like how real gags look.  I just don’t think it is for me.”

Master Roger Eglasias, 62, was also unsure.  “Maybe I am just old, but where I come from we called those mittens.  Stupid fucking kids.  They are ruining everything.”


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