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DomCo Products, the Seattle, Washington leather outfitters has just released its latest must-have conference wear.

During a well attended launch party, we were treated to a spectacular lunch and unveiling of the company’s new line of ready to rock vests. Three items in particular will be of interest to our readers.

The Vestige 100

Adorned with a minimum of 100 patches and pins, the Vestige 100 will compliment your existing boots to complete your Veteran wardrobe. Made from premium grade cowhide, with double stitching throughout, this is quality of the highest degree. What sets it apart from any other vest you may be considering is the over one hundred fake conference patches and pins covering the front of the vest. Never feel out of place at a conference or gathering ever again. This item screams “look at ME!” in a way that seems both genuine, yet completely over the top. Bragging rights at the buffet line are guaranteed with the Vestige 100.

The Vestige Elite

Basically the Vestige 100, with an exclusive one of a kind custom option. It follows the same quality, design and cut of the Vestige 100 model, but now turn it over to reveal the custom Title on the back panel. With over 50000 different leather titles to choose from, there’s no chance of running into another “winner” of your title.

Ted Munrowski, the company sales President explains; “We spent over three years researching leather titles before bringing our product to market. It seems that all you need is a competition, a panel of judges, and a patch. So, we wait until we receive an order for a particular title patch, and then re-assign that customer as an ‘Entrant’, and we call the vest ordering process an ‘Event’. We then get four of five of the office staff to judge the Entrant, and once the judges have deemed them suitable, and they always do, we sew the patch on the vest. I know to some this may seem ludicrous, but during our research we discovered that most of the so-called judges are just friends of the participants or completely unqualified to even be a judge. So, we just follow the established rules. All of our judges are completely unqualified, so they are most definitely suitable. It makes perfect sense.”

Available title patches span gender, international borders and honorifics. Munrowski continues; “just last week, we awarded this guy the title of ‘2008 Gobi Desert Leatherfest Master’. It’s good to know we are propping up egos all over the world with this special option”

Asked specifically what would happen if the 50,000 current titles are all used, Munrowski was eager to clarify the company’s position; “If we award all the titles? No problem. We will just create more. That’s what all the others are doing. Just look around, it seems like there’s a new title every week or so. We feel our product fits right in.”

The Vestige Prestige

This vest is quite simply, stunning.

Not for the faint of heart, this garment comes in a choice of over 200 colors, trim packages and cuts. The front is simply stated. A single pin, worn front right, declares and affirms attendance at “WorldLeather 2009”. Yes, a totally fake event, yet completely appropriate for the prospective wearer. Moving to the front left, there are two patches. The first is truly unique. An outline of a Rottweiler is set against the setting sun, on a vivid aquamarine background.  Munrowski had no comment as to the meaning of this patch. “We just let the individual state its intent” was all he had to say. The other patch, circular in shape states “Check out my title patch.” Curious, I turned the vest over to reveal an incredible adornment. A huge eleven sided patch (yes, I counted them) that dropped my jaw wide open. There in all their glory were the words “Leather God”, set above a classic yellow smiley face.  Munrowski was quick to point out that they also feature a Goddess option. To guarantee exclusivity, DomCo has set the price of the Prestige at a lofty $475.00, and they require two letters of recommendation to accompany the order. “It’s not like we want to see everyone wearing one of these” added Munrowski, “and we’re only going to produce two thousand per year.” he continued.

Get your order in early; these are going to fly off the hangers.


photo credit: Deidre Woolard cc

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