Online Dominant Discovers “People Actually Do This”


After spending more than two years on Facebook offering advice and commentary on the practice of BDSM, outspoken male dominant Howard “Whip Cracker” Davidson, 26, was shocked to discover that there are people who actually practice BDSM as part of their real world interaction.

“I totally thought it was just a Facebook thing,” Davidson told The Daily Flogger. “I can see now why people would push back on some of my advice. I mean if you actually are talking about doing this, then a lot of what I say doesn’t make much sense.”

Still, Davidson does see some use for his commentary. “I read a lot of BDSM fiction and I think those people, the people in the books and stuff, could really use a lot of my advice.”

Samantha Simons, a 24 year old submissive, thinks there needs to be some accountability.

“I followed some of his advice, because he had this ‘top contributor’ button next to his name on Facebook. Now I can’t use my left hand and I think I may have permanent nerve damage.”

Simons has considered suing Davidson, but fears that may result in getting kicked out of the group.

“It is a catch-22, because a lot of the advice online is top notch. I just didn’t know it was being given by people who didn’t actually do BDSM.”

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