Pfizer Releases “Domagra” for Male Doms



Pharamaceutical giant Pfizer has released its version of Viagra for the BDSM community. Called “Domagra” it not only provides men with an extended 4 hour erection, it also makes them completely emotionally unavailable for the same period.

The pill is designed to increase the penis size and ego of the male dominant, resulting in grandiose delusions and a demanding and entitled personality.

“I love what it does to my master, I sometimes slip one in his drink when I feel like he is being a too much of a pussy,” reports slave melanie.

“It gives me that male dom feeling I sometimes feel slipping,” says Master Glen Broddock, 53, “plus it makes my penis big and hard and my girl loves that.”

“Sometimes we want our guys to be dicks. Both literally and figuratively and this pill does that. Sometimes a girl just wants to be fucked by someone who doesn’t give a shit about my pleasure,” said slave Gwen, 29. ¬†“Thank you Pfizer!”

Available by prescription, either to male dominants with erection problems or to treat female submissive sexual frustration.

Photo credit: Tim Reckmann  CC: NC SA

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