Publisher Announces Erotic Children’s Books for Littles



Children’s publishing giant Scholastic has announced a new line of erotic children’s books aimed that the BDSM “littles” community.

Donna Milbank, 47, has written the first book in the series called “Anna the Cum Faced Girl,” which follows the “little” around the streets of New York, trying to match the cum on her face to a potential master.  She encounters firemen, police officers, street urchins, and many others, in her effort to locate the man who first came on her face and who she calls “Master.”

“It is a sweet story of innocence lost,” says Milbank, who told The Daily Flogger that the story was taken from her real life experience as an 8 year old little and her search for a Daddy.

“Let’s just say, a lot of guys came on my face before I found Daddy.  Now I can be my 8 year old self around him and he can cum on me whenever he likes.”

The next book in the series is to be penned by Master H. Thorton, a Daddy into humiliation and degradation.  Tentatively titled “C is for Cunt,” the book will focus on his babygirl and her struggle to accept her little persona.

“She can be a bit of a brat,” says the 55 year old Daddy and master.  “So I use foul language to keep her in line.   That is what the book is about.”

Sales in the little community are up and many are awaiting arrival of future books in the series as well.

“They make good bedtime reading” says Tom Nuggins, a 45 year old Daddy.  “When I put my girl to bed, I like to read to her and these will be perfect.”

Photo credit: Princeton Public Library CC: NC

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