Slave Punished; “Thinks She Knows Better”



A Maryland woman, Carolyn Crabtree, 47,  is in trouble tonight after a disagreement with her master. Driving home from the dungeon, she suggested he take an alternate route to avoid hitting red lights on York Ave.

Martin Burke, 42, was not pleased with the interruption.  “It was one of those instances where she clearly thought she knew better.  Right or wrong, her tone was inappropriate.  She left me little choice about how to handle it.”

“You want to drive?” he snapped, the mouthy slave told The Daily Flogger.  “I knew at that point I had crossed a line.  When we got home, he spanked my ass raw and then washed my mouth out with soap.”  Crabtree called the experience “unpleasant” and has agreed to “adjust her attitude.”

Burke admitted that she was “probably right about the red lights and all,” but maintaining his authority was more important than “technically being correct.”

photo credit: contraquien cc

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