Spanking Woman Loses Count, Has to Start Over Again



Carrie Green, 28, is in tears after failing to correctly count the number of spankings applied to her bottom with a hairbrush.

“The rules were simple,” said Donna Heron, 29, the woman’s Mistress and disciplinarian, “she was to count each spank and ask for another.  When we got to 48, she became flustered and lost count, so we had to start over.”

“I just had this searing pain in my butt and my brain stopped working for a minute.  I lost track of whether it was 47 or 48, so I erred on the side of caution and went with 47.  To tell you the truth I am not even sure now which it was.”

According to Heron, it was 48.

“It was really a shame,” said friend Dirk Lewis, 32, who also submits to discipline from Donna Heron.  “I heard it was only supposed to be 50 swats with the hairbrush, but I guess she got 50 more for messing up.  I am just glad it wasn’t me.”

According to Green, the “whole starting over thing is bullshit” and she doesn’t think it is fair.

Green, who was being punished for “having a smart mouth and not doing as she was told,” was also given corner time and forced to write “I will be a good girl” 100 times.

Photo credit: andyspb

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