Spanko Writes How To Book; Reviews Mixed



ButtWhacker42, a spanking and corporal discipline aficionado for more than 15 years has published a new volume targeted at “newbies.”

“I wanted to give new people some guidance and the benefit of my many years of experience,” he told The Daily Flogger, “so I set out to write the book that I could have used when I was just starting out.”

The reviews and criticisms have been harsh, mostly leveled against the books brevity and dearth of content.  Consisting of only two pages, the book Everything You Need to Know About Spanking, But Were Afraid to Ask is composed of only two facing pages.  On one side there is a picture of a woman’s back side with six large red circles with the instructions to “hit here.”

The second page is a list of “acceptable implements” for a spanking session which consists of “hands, belts, and 24 different types of paddles.”

Robin McQuire, who has a long history in the spanking community thought the first page was great, but “the rest left a lot to be desired.  No quirts, crops, whips, or any of the other less traditional tools.  I’ve been hit with everything from a 2 x 4 to a fresh cut switch off a tree.  I think there could have been a third page or even a fourth.”

ButtWhacker42 disagreed, “You don’t want to give too much information to a beginner.  It gets confusing.”

The book retails for $29.99, which one novice found too steep for his taste.  “I read it at the book store.  I mean it is only two pages, I pretty much memorized the whole list in 5 minutes.  Who is going to pay $30 for two pages?”

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