Submissive Man Polite; Domme Faints


Mistress Kassandra Kruel thought she had heard it all.  A professional Dominatrix for nearly 15 years, she has catered to every kink, fetish and fantasy known to man.  But Saturday night, she encountered something new and unexpected, a shock so great it landed her in the hospital.

“This man approached me and spoke to me like a normal human being.  We spoke for almost an hour, discussing literature, our favorite movies, gourmet cuisine, and even our love of the TV show Downton Abbey.”

Then something amazing happened.

“He told me about his foot fetish,” Kassandra explained, “and I felt my head get all swimmy and my heart palpitate.  I became disoriented and very confused, it was like reality was breaking apart.”

Her response is not surprising.  According to sex research Dr. Joy Smittington “Foot fetishes usually go right for the feet, ignoring the human being attached to them.  It is highly unusual to find someone who identifies as a male who is able to think of anything beyond immediate fetish gratification.”  Kassandra confirmed her description, “He treated me as person first and a pair of feet second.  You just don’t see that!”

It was at that point that he said something truly unusual.  “He told me that getting to know me was more important and we could take our time with the fetish part, that if it worked out, that would be great but that he just enjoyed being with me.”

It was the refreshing honesty that sent her over the edge.  That was the last thing she remembered.  When she woke up, she found she had been unconscious for almost 72 hours.

No word on whether there will be a second date.  Doctors expect Mistress Kassandra to make a full recovery.


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  1. Funny, and sadly accurate. Most submissive men I believe, just want to play one on TV. The idea that licking boots or being used as an ashtray is in any way a service is ridiculous. Fetishes are fine, including a submission fetish–but it’s still a fetish. Men who actually want to submit are quite rare. To knowledge I have never met another one.

    My wife used to be a pro-Domme. I went to her dungeon and shocked the other girls when I happily followed – through with a request to clean the bathroom after asking them what they wanted. That was their way to get men who were shy to just name their fetish so they could do the session. I believe I was the only one who ever meant it.

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