Submissive Woman Finds Slavery “Easier Than I Expected”



For Sheila Grunning, 24, the journey to and, ultimately, slavery was a daunting one initially.

“I wasn’t really sure if the whole BDSM lifestyle was for me or not,” she confided to The Daily Flogger.  “My boyfriend at the time really wanted to try it after seeing the 50 Shades movie and I went along with it just to see.”

Quickly, the young found herself immersed in a world of bondage, service, and intense impact play.  “At first, it seemed alien to me.  I have always been a strong independent person, so the idea of submitting to someone took some getting used to.”

In time, Sheila began to change her mind.  “What they don’t tell you is that slavery is really easy. You just do what you are told and don’t complain.  That is what the others don’t get.  You don’t have to think much, just obey.  When you think it about it, it is actually super easy.  And when you don’t think about it, it is even easier.”

Grunning has now been with almost a dozen different Masters in the past two years, looking for “a true Master who can match my true slavery.”

When asked about any difficulties she faced, Grunning said she has really enjoyed the process.  “Especially the competitive part.  It easy to be a slave, but it is tough out slaving the other girls.  I am always looking for ways to be more slavey.  I try to catch the other girls in moments when they are not being slavey and then I let their Masters know.”


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  1. Jaded by the foolishness on

    I would strongly advise the slave featured in this article to slow down , slow down more and then slow WAAAY down. Also meeting others at MAsT groups and attending leather conventions would certainly be beneficial. This article reads like fantasy kink fictional junk.
    Twelve Masters in 2 years ? Seriously? That’s playtime not relationship building with in M/s.
    She’s a “twue slave”? Hahaaahahaaa.
    Is this a piece from The Onion?

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