Submissives Now Pick Doms By Zoom Background


Barstow, Montana

As the BDSM world moves online during the COVID crisis, are using a new standard to choose who is worthy of their submission: Zoom backgrounds.

Milly Franks, a 19 year old says “Zoom backgrounds tell you a lot.  You get a real sense of their creativity and imagination.  I mean, a Dom who uses a green screen is a real panty dropper!”

Master Herb Tills, 22, explained that “he was really new to the whole BDSM scene,” but realized pretty quickly that “your Zoom background is everything.  It is how you make a strong impression.  I started off with just showing my bookcase behind me, but that was a dud.  Now I have one with flames and pentagrams and that really seems to be doing the trick.”

Tills reports that he has had dozens of Zoom sessions with since changing his background.

Sharon Willis, a 22 year old submissive, described Tills as “a fucking legend,” claiming that dozens of have tried to schedule time with him, just to get a peek at his Zoom.  “I’m one of the lucky ones,” Willis said, “he always Zooms with me.”  She admitted to being intimidated at first, but once she found the right background for her own Zoom it made things much easier.

“I used a picture from a Hello Kitty dungeon in Japan,” she explained, “he really seemed to like that and now we chat all the time.  He says I am cute and I really like his edginess.”

Franks, who has tried numerous times to meet up with Tills finds the experience frustrating.  “I have to settle for guys with nature scenes or pictures of space and shit.  If your background is one of the stock ones or just some download, you probably aren’t going to see my tits.”

Master Lloyd, a 56 year old Leatherman expressed confusion.  “What the fuck does any of this have to do with BDSM?” he asked.



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