Virtual Covering Ceremony Ends in Disappointment; Confusion


Helsinki, Alabama

Victor “Flogman” Quinn, a 53 year old Top and Daddy, confessed disappointment when his online “covering ceremony” ground to a halt when participants realized they had no way to actually get the physical Muir onto Quinn’s head through a computer screen.

“We were so focused on the speeches and the ritual that we forgot to actually get the hat to him,” said Fred Wilks, the person in charge of the ceremony.

The ceremony which lasted nearly four hours, included speeches by 37 different Masters and slaves, mostly having them talk about themselves and how important was both to them and to the community at large.

The ceremony came to an awkward and abrupt halt when Wilks picked up the and realized the ceremony was only online and that Quinn was more than 800 miles away.

“There was just no way to put the on his head,” Wilks said.  “It was a pretty big oversight.”

Quinn, instead, put on a NY Yankees as a “substitute cover” which he said he would continue to use until a proper covering can take place post COVID.

“It is a pretty big let down,” he confessed.  “I don’t even watch baseball but it was the only hat I had.  I think it belonged to my ex.  He was from New York.”

Slave Brenda, a 52 year old self-describe power slave, to The Daily Flogger, that she “didn’t notice” but did ask if we heard her speech, “It was the best one,” she said, “by a lot.  In fact, you may want to focus your story on that.  My journey has been so special.  And that is really what these events are about.”

The group has agreed to re-convene once things return to normal to complete the ceremony.

Until then, some people aren’t really clear about Quinn’s status.  “Is he covered or not?  I really don’t know,” said Haven McCoy, a 42 year old Mistress.

For Slave Brenda the only question was whether or not she would get to give her speech again at the live event.  “By the time we all meet again, my journey will have changed and I am sure people will want to hear about it.  It really wouldn’t be fair to everyone to have the event and not at least let me update everyone.”


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