White Het Man Discovers Own Privilege; Cuts off Finger


A 37 year old white, heterosexual man who goes by the name Kevin has a unique approach to the issue of while male privilege.

“I was having this conversation with a woman who kept screaming at me about how I was mansplaning everything and unaware of my white male privilege, so I picked up a large kitchen knife and chopped off my left pinky finger.”

The woman, according to reports, turned white and fainted.

“So now I get to complain about everyone else’s 10 fingeredness.  I just wave the bloody stump in their face and tell them to talk to me when they have nine fingers.”

Susan P. Ferp, a writer for The Feminist Agenda described Kevin’s stunt as “completely retarded.”  After apologizing for her “able-ist” language, she went on to clarify, “What kind of moron cuts off his finger and thinks its the same thing as being born black or as a woman in America?”

But to Kevin the lesson has been profound.  “I mean I am still way better off than women or black people, but not as good as the other white guys who still have all their fingers, so I kinda get it now.”

Asked if he had any regrets, Kevin simply said “sometimes I miss my pinky, but it kinda freaks people out when I show it to them, so that is pretty cool.”


photo credit: Loktarr cc

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