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Seattle BDSM giant DomCo has announced the latest in its line of multipurpose fetish equipment, the DomCo Edible Whip. The company is marketing the whip with the slogan “Looks like leather, tastes like licorice.” A spokesman for the company said that initially they had tried it the other way around, but test groups found the taste disgusting and look too “non-serious” for heavy BDSM play.

Those who have tried the whip out have found it both effective and tasty.

Mistress Penelope Perilous told The Daily Flogger that it was just what she needed.  “After a long whipping session I get a little peckish and now DomCo has given me something to nibble on.  Plus it really helps me keep my blood sugar up during those marathon sessions.”

You don’t need to be a professional to afford it either.  Priced at $19.99, the whip is considered by most to be both stingy and filling.  Crayton Feder, whipmaster and Michelin chef told us, “it is less than the cost of ordering in a pizza and its just as filling.  I just love mine.”

Available now with a red version tasting of strawberry licorice expected next year.

photo credit: rickytanghkg cc

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