Indecisive Woman Thinks She Might Be A “Switch”



Carol McDade, 28, has been stymied by her Fetlife profile for two days.  McDade, who enjoys a wide range of “kinky role play” finds it difficult to choose been the “dominant” and “submissive” moniker for her online description.

“I kinda think I am dominant, but I also like to bottom sometimes.  Owning someone seems like too much work, but I do like having multiple play partners.  Sometimes I can go for weeks without playing at all,” McDade told The Daily Flogger, “and times like that I really question if I am even kinky.”

Ultimately, McDade settled on “switch” as the right term for her.

“I’ll probably end up changing it again, but for now it describes me pretty well.  At least I think so.  Well, maybe not.  I really should put dominant, but I am not that way all the time.”


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