Kelly Jo wins “Submissive of the Month” for 3rd Time



Kelly Jo Hernandez, 38, has won the coveted “ of the Month” award in Master Tiggo’s family.  The award carries with it special privileges, including a top parking spot at the Master’s residence, guaranteed dessert at meal time, and 15 minutes a day of “special time” with Master Tiggo.

Hernandez is one of 17 female in Master Tiggo’s family and says that getting time with her dominant can be tricky, especially as many of the other girls are “underhanded conniving bitches.”

This is the third consecutive month that Hernandez has won the accolade.  She attributes her success to being “better than the other girls” and using her 15 special minutes of “special time” to give her Master “mind blowing blow jobs.”

“It’s not fair,” Melissa Tigglesworth, 19, told The Daily Flogger, “I am younger, hotter, and Master tells me he likes me most.  So why is ‘the bitch’ always getting picked?  It doesn’t make sense.”

“It really keeps them on their toes,” slave bethany, the house alpha, told us.  “Of course, I am not eligible or I’d win every time.”

Master Tiggo got the idea from his local Subway, where he has worked for the last 7 years as a sandwich artist.  “I know I always want to be employee of the month, so I thought maybe I could use the same idea to inspire my girls.  This is like management level thinking.  It seems to be working.”

When asked about the resentment among the girls that the award seems to breed, Master Tiggo seemed unconcerned, “Shit gets done and I get fantastic blow jobs.  The rest I just let slave bethany work out.”

photo credit: infodump (cc)

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