Man Confuses “Dominance” with “Desire to Grill Chicken”



One of the organizers of a local conference on Male Dominance has apparently confused several types of outdoor cooking, including BBQ and grilling, with the dynamics of a BDSM relationship.

Dom Martinez, 56, replaced the entire slate of classes for the upcoming conference with day-long seminars on choosing charcoal briquettes, different types of lighting fluids, techniques for measuring grill distances from coals and how to turn or “flip” a steak “without leaving those little puncture marks that forks make.”

The highlight of the conference, according to Martinez will be a three hour masterclass with him cooking four different types of meat and preparing a “special sauce.”

Reactions from the community have been mixed, depending primarily on how hungry they are.  One thing appears to be universal, that conference organizers have no idea how to run a BDSM conference.

“We were hoping to learn how to deepen our dynamic,” said Christy McGovern, a 30 year old submissive woman.  “But this doesn’t appear to have anything to do with that.  At the same time, I do love some good BBQ.”




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