Moderna Vaccine 94% Effective With that Stupid Bitch Heather

That stupid slut Heather got the Moderna vaccine yesterday. She texted me that her arm hurt and I texted back, IT’LL HURT WHEN I SAY IT HURTS. That’ll show her who’s dom and who’s the sub. I’m assuming it hurts from the vaccine, but that stupid slut Heather is always telling me I hurt her in the wrong place.
I hate it when she tops from the bottom! “Oh, that flogger wrapped! Oh, that Wartenberg wheel punctured my skin! Oh, that cum on my fancy lingerie stained!” Stupid slut Heather.
Yeah, I’m pretty happy she got the vaccine. That means we’ll be able to go back to Fist Full of Doll Hairs, my favorite dungeon out in Thousand Oaks, but even with the vaccine it’s gonna be a long time before that shithole opens again. Am I pissed she got the vaccine before me? You betcha! Doms go first! Not their stupid subs! Yes, technically she’s “obese” and has “hypertension” but I should go first.
I’m 40, male, healthy. I have to work! I should get the vaccine! It’s tough doing mortgage calls all day long! I need a break, too!
Stupid slut Heather!
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