New Submissive Takes “Wait and See” Approach



After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, Shiela Kane, 27, has adopted a novel approach to finding a Dominant.  Instead of using online dating sites or frequenting munches, Kane has decided to park herself on a spanking bench in a local dungeon and see if anyone is interested.

“It feels a little objectifying,” Kane reports, “but I also kind of like that.  Hopefully my dream Dom will come along and give me a nice swat on the ass.  I think I will know if he is the right one for me pretty fast.”

While most are skeptical of Kane’s approach, a few other women in the local scene are thinking about giving it a try.

“Mostly the guys around here are just paying attention to each other,” says Krista Quinn, a 22 year old submissive.  “I walk around half naked, wearing my sexiest fetish wear and I have to interrupt their pissing contests over who is the best flogger.  Of course you never seem them actually flog, they all just talk about it.”

Quinn says she has considered stripping naked and screaming “Someone please just hit me!” to try to get some attention.  Even then, she is not quite sure it would work.

“Most of the Dominants in the scene today are more interested in how they look to each other than playing.”

Kane says she hasn’t had any takers yet.

“At one point, I was hopeful, but it turned out someone just accidentally hit me with a toy they were showing off to their friends.  They apologized and went back to their discussion.”

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  1. there are a lot of wannabe doms/masters. I know my craft and know how to use it on a sub that shakes her head and says please sir give me more, much more

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