Taking About Kink Replaces Kink as Number One Fetish Activity



In a recent survey of Male Dominants, “talking about kink” scored as the top activity for lifestyle participants.  More than 85% of those surveyed confessed a love for “discussing, debating, or arguing about kink and fetish.”  Actually doing kinky activities rated much lower, with only about half saying they like “doing rope” and less than a third engaging in “whipping, flogging or spanking.”

Master JJ Krauss, 19, told The Daily Flogger, that “whipping and flogging are fine and all, but nothing really beats the feeling of hanging out in the dungeon kitchen and bragging about your equipment.  I own like 7 different whips and I like talking about them.  I mean, like, no one else owns 7, some guys might own 5 but you probably have some paracord or nylon in there.  Mine are all leather.”

Master Steven, 22, agreed, “Elk versus calf.  There is no better or kinkier debate when it comes to floggers.  I could go on all night.  Some guys just don’t have the stamina.  They offer one, maybe two opinions and they are done for the night.  That is how you tell the real Masters from the wannabes.”

Brianna, 23, says she can barely stand it.  “One night they actually pulled down their pants and measured each other’s dicks.  It was just too much.  The truth of it is, none of them are very good at whipping or flogging, so they buy lots of stuff and argue about it.”

Master Dennis, 21,said he was really happy with the level of conversation at his local club.  “We get together and argue about things in person, unlike the posers who just argue on the internet.  I mean, .I open my toybag and show off my stuff.  Anyone can claim to have a 4′ David Morgan snake whip, but I can show mine off.  And if I can show it off, I can talk about it.”


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