Woman Denied Orgasm; Feels “Frustrated”



After nearly 25 minutes of teasing, a Vermont woman requested permission from her Master to have an orgasm.  His response left her feeling “frustrated” and “annoyed,” according to scene on-lookers.

In feverish pleas of desperation, Veronica Horton, 22, begged her Master, Tim Jones, 35, for permission to have an orgasm.  The word she heard was the one she had been dreading, Jones, according to witnesses, told her “No.”

After completing their scene, the couple “packed up their gear and cleaned up the play space,” said PrincessLilKitty, a local woman.  “She was pretty pissed,” she added, noting that most of the denied submissive’s expressions we composed of pouting, eye rolling, and deep, exasperated exhaling.  “Definitely frustrated and more than a little bit annoyed, I would wager.”

The Daily Flogger caught up with the woman on her way out to the parking lot.  When asked about the scene and her Master’s refusal to grant her release, she grew aggressive and told us, “I just don’t want to talk about it.”

photo credit: BaileyRaeWeaver cc

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