At Pet Play Conference Cat Class Get Mixed Reviews


When Mistress Meow, a 27 year old female dominant, submitted her class on Cat Play to Pets and Owners International, an annual featuring pet play, she was surprised it was accepted.

“They are very anti-cat,” she explained, “sure everyone loves kittens and kitten play, because they are cute. You can even find neko stuff and neko-girls, I guess because of the anime connection. But straight up cat play? It just isn’t represented.”

Unlike the classes on puppy play, which are enthusiastically attended and generally well organized and presented, Mistress Meow’s class was rather haphazard and had serious organization problems.

“Most of the cats just seems uninterested or were content to just sit in the doorway or watch from across the room,” said one attendee, describing the class.

Mid class, one attendee, Kinky Cat Carol, felt the need to dash out the door, run quickly up the stairs and stare briefly at the wall before curling into a ball and napping.

Other class participants were described as “disinterested,” “unimpressed” and “occasionally interested in things that dropped to the floor.”

Miss Cat With Claws had to be removed from the class after repeatedly knocking the presenters glass of water off the table.

organizers said they are willing to include more cat play classes in the future, but would want to work closely with participants to make sure the classes were a success.

Mistress Meow responded to organizer’s comments by walking away and pretending not to hear them.

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